Live Dispatch Palm Beach County

Where have my Palm Beach County Alerts gone?

As many people have noticed, Palm Beach County alert notifications have not been sent in the last few days, nor has the Palm Beach County dispatch page been updated.

Palm Beach County has altered the format dispatch information is distributed, creating a temporary service interruption for eFirstAlert.  Our development  team is finalizing system updates that will allow continued alerts.  As may be expected with changes, there will be both benefits and losses.  Future alerts will be less repetitive with some additional available details, though some alert types will no longer be sent.  

The alerts for our paid premium subscribers have already been reactivated, including the mentioned changes. The premium service allows you to monitor up to an expanded 5 mile radius from 4 different locations, and can alert you via email or text message.  Click here to sign up for a free trial upgrade to the premium service

Both the dispatch page and the free alert service for Palm Beach County will remain offline for the time being while additional changes are implemented.  Once completed, a decision will be made about bringing those two services back online.  Click here to sign up for a free trial upgrade to the premium service